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Acoustic Guitar Worship Patch for the HX Stomp

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2023


In this video, I share a quick overview of the acoustic guitar patch I use on the HX Stomp. This patch is designed to enhance the sound of my acoustic guitar using various effects and settings.

The Setup

I start with a compressor, specifically an LA-2A type, to control the dynamics of the guitar right from the start. This helps smooth out the sound, making it more consistent and polished.

Next, I use a simple EQ to compensate for my guitar pickups, which aren't the best. The EQ helps me get the most out of them, ensuring the guitar sounds as good as possible.

Delay Effects

I incorporate two different delays into the patch. These delays can be toggled on and off using a footswitch. The first delay is a quarter note delay, with the tempo set by the tap tempo function. This delay is very subtle and can be left on most of the time without being too noticeable.

By pressing the footswitch, I can switch to a dotted eighth delay. This setting is inspired by the style of Phil Wickham, creating a rhythmic echo that adds a unique feel to the guitar sound. While I don't use this delay often, it's a fun option to have available.

Always-On Reverb

The reverb effect is always on in this patch. I prefer to have a bit of reverb on my acoustic guitar to add depth and presence. There's also a button that increases the reverb's decay, mix, and modulation, allowing me to add more ambiance when needed. This flexibility lets me adjust the reverb from subtle to more pronounced, depending on the situation.


This acoustic guitar patch for the HX Stomp is designed to provide a versatile and polished sound for worship settings. With always-on delay and reverb, and the ability to switch between different delay types and reverb levels, this patch offers a range of tonal options.

If you're interested in trying out this patch yourself, you can download it from my profile. Let me know how you like it, and stay tuned for more patches for the HX Stomp and Helix in the future.


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