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Church Tech Tour w/ Colby Griner @ First Baptist Brunswick

Uncategorized May 05, 2023


In this detailed tour, Colby Griner, the production director at First Baptist Brunswick, showcases the extensive tech setup that supports the church’s worship services. Colby has been with the church for about two and a half years and offers insights into the technology used to enhance their multi-generational services, which include a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

Audio Systems

Front of House

The tour begins at the front-of-house mixing console, a Soundcraft SI Impact, which has been in use for about four years. Colby mentions plans to upgrade to an Allen and Heath Avantis for more capabilities and processing power. The church's audio infrastructure is built around a Dante Network, which facilitates the seamless integration of stage audio, in-ear monitors, and broadcast audio.

Instruments and Microphones

Colby describes the typical Sunday band setup, which includes an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, piano, Nord keyboard, drums, a full orchestra, and a choir. They use Ableton to run click and tracks for the band, controlled by the drummer using a MacBook Pro connected to the Dante Network. This setup provides flexibility for the audio engineers when mixing.

Wireless and In-Ear Monitoring

The church utilizes eight wireless handheld microphones (Shure ULXD) and an Avion system for in-ear monitoring, accommodating around 30 people on stage. This system allows musicians to customize their mixes, reducing the burden on front-of-house engineers.

Video Systems

Cameras and Control

Colby takes the viewers through the video system, which includes several cameras such as the Canon C70, connected via Teradek Ace 500 for low-latency wireless transmission. The setup combines PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras and manned cameras to capture different angles during services. The video director controls the cameras using a Blackmagic ATEM 2ME switcher, ensuring high-quality broadcast production.


ProPresenter 7 runs on an iMac to handle all graphics, videos, lyrics, and sermon slides. Using a Blackmagic DeckLink Duo, the church outputs lower-thirds graphics and stage displays for the band and production team. This system allows for seamless updates and displays during services.

Lighting Systems

The lighting system, managed with Vista 3 software and an M1 hardware controller, includes a mix of elation DaVinci movers and Chauvet Colorado washes. Colby explains that while they keep lighting simple on Sunday mornings due to natural light, they enhance lighting effects for special events using a hazer and additional stage lighting.

Broadcast and Streaming

Video Routing

In the broadcast video room, Colby shows the Blackmagic Smart Video Hub 40x40, which manages all video inputs and outputs. This setup simplifies the routing of video signals to various destinations, such as online streams and in-house projectors. The church uses a Resi Prism encoder for reliable streaming, ensuring consistent broadcast quality even during occasional internet issues.

Audio Broadcast

For online audio mixing, the church uses Pro Tools connected to the Dante Network, allowing for individual channel control and the sending of mixed audio back to the video switcher. A PreSonus FaderPort provides tactile control over the mix, ensuring high-quality audio for online viewers.


Colby concludes the tour by emphasizing the dedication and hard work of the volunteer team that operates the tech setup. Despite the challenges of integrating advanced technology in a historic building, the church has developed a system that enhances worship services and connects the congregation both in-person and online. The tour underscores the importance of a well-coordinated tech team in delivering a seamless worship experience.

For more behind-the-scenes content, viewers are encouraged to follow Colby Griner on TikTok @ColbyGriner. The video tour provides an in-depth look at the church’s tech infrastructure, showcasing the innovative solutions implemented to support their vibrant worship services.


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