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Mixing a Full Setlist on the Behringer WING + Plus some Mixing tips

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2024



I recently created a tutorial for our church volunteers, demonstrating how to mix a full setlist on the Behringer WING soundboard. This tutorial is designed to give our volunteers, especially those new to the team, a detailed look at what it's like to mix a live service. In this article, I'll walk you through the process and share my approach to mixing a complete worship set.

Preparing for the Mix

To provide a practical example, I played back a recording of a Sunday service and mixed it live. I used my in-ear monitors to ensure that the sound you'll hear in the video closely matches what I was hearing. Additionally, I included room mics to capture the ambient sound, making it feel as much like a real live service as possible.

Mixing the Setlist

Song 1: "King of Heaven"

We start with "King of Heaven," led by Vocal 3. My initial focus is on balancing the vocal and instrument levels. I make sure the vocals are clear and not overwhelmed by the music.


Song 2: "Blessed Assurance"

Next up is "Blessed Assurance," led by Vocal 1. I adjust the pad sound and set the tempo to match the song's pace. The goal is to ensure the vocals blend well with the music while maintaining clarity.


Song 3: "King of Kings"

"King of Kings" is led by Vocal 3. For this song, I supplement the live instruments with additional keys and pads from the track. This helps create a fuller, richer sound that enhances the overall mix.


Song 4: "Can't Get Enough"

The final song, "Can't Get Enough," is led by Vocal 4. I focus on adjusting the pad levels and blending the track elements with the live band to maintain a cohesive sound.


Mixing Techniques and Adjustments

Throughout the mixing process, I continuously make micro adjustments to ensure the vocals and instruments are balanced. Here are some key techniques I use:

  • Vocals: I ensure the vocals are prominent but not overpowering. They should sit well within the mix.
  • Pads and Ambience: I use pads to fill in any dead space, especially during quieter moments in the songs.
  • Dynamics: I adjust levels based on the intensity of the song, pushing instruments forward during more energetic sections.
  • Micro Adjustments: I keep my hands on the faders, making slight tweaks to maintain balance and clarity.


Mixing a live service involves setting a solid foundation and making continuous small adjustments. By following these techniques, I ensure a well-balanced mix that enhances the worship experience. This tutorial provides a practical example for our volunteers, helping them understand the process and philosophy behind mixing at our church. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.


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